CR2016 Battery
CR2016 Lithium Coin Battery

CR2016 is a 3 volt coin shaped lithium battery.  Lithium cells offer high reliability and high energy density. The CR2016 is used in typical applications of watches, calculators, and memory backups.  

CR series batteries are part of a Manganese Dioxide / Lithium group of batteries. This chemical system allows for a high load pulse, safe, high voltage, and long lasting battery. 

CR2016 Features
  • 3 Volts. High voltage compared with button cell batteries.
  • Low self discharge.  Long lasting.
  • 30° to 60° operating temperature
  • Small, Lightweight
Nominal Voltage: 3V
Nominal Capacity: 90 mAh
Continuous Drain: .10 mA
Diameter: 20 mm
Height: 1.6 mm
Weight 1.6g


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